White Style 2014

New date: 14. February 2014

Antoine Bizet is the new White Style Champion

The FMB World Tour’s season kick-off for 2014 started with the ultimate wintertime spectacle at the legendary White Style in Saalfelden Leogang. Without a doubt, French rider Antoine Bizet took the win in this unique competition on snow. It was his huge double backflip that convinced the jury to put him on the top of the podium. A surprising second place went to 18-year-old rookie Nicholi Rogatkin from the US, followed by Sweden's Anton Thelander.

2014 could be his year - Antoine Bizet’s season has just had the perfect start! The Frenchy, already known for his massive double backflips, gave everyone what they wanted to see and performed his signature trick once more for the estimated 3,000 spectators by Leogang’s Schanteilift. The judges had no other choice than to give him a 91 out of a 100 point score, the highest one of the evening. Bizet opened his run on the four jump snow line with an opposite flatspin x-up, followed by a champion-like executed frontflip no hander, a flip no hand and sealed the deal with his huge double backflip, a trick that no other rider dared to attempt. 2014’s first event winner told us this: “I am part of the circuit for quite a while now, but finally I got my first international competition victory dialed! It was a crazy event with an insane level of tricks. I really had to work hard for my first title!”

Those who follow the mountain bike scene had a sharp eye on him however, few people would have bet on Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) scoring a solid second place here at White Style. Coming from a BMX background, Nicholi flew in from overseas to throw down the gauntlet and make a name for himself in the 26-inch world. Needless to say, mission accomplished! His run was packed full of goodness, rolling in with a flip tailwhip, then a double tail whip, a tail whip off the step down and finished with a breathtaking cashroll! If Nicholi could have ironed out the minor tweaks in his run then the judges would have had a tough decision on their hands. Standing proud on the podium with a smile on his face, we can surely expect to see more from this young talent in the upcoming season.

Anton Thelander from Sweden, also known as “Mister Cleanlander” was the third rider to cover the podium. Living up to his name, his run was nothing short of flawless. He mastered technical tricks like a flip barspin, 360 tail whip, a truckdriver and then finished with a crowd pleasing flip tail whip.

Here is the top ten ranking of the 2014 White Style:

1. Bizet, Antoine FRA 21 KONA 91.00
2. Rogatkin, Nicholi USA 18 SPECIALIZED 90.00
3. Thelander, Anton SWE 19 CANYON 89.00
4. Pasamonte, Xavier ESP 23 SCOTT 81.00
5. Gani, Mehdi FRA 25 - 79.00
6. Henke, Peter GER 20 CANYON 74.33
7. Scholze, Nico GER 19 DARTMOOR BIKES 73.33
8. Lemoine, Tomas FRA 17 SANTA CRUZ 72.00
9. Vencl, Jakub CZE 24 ROSE 70.67
10. Testa, Torquato ITA 19 BEDDO BIKES 35.00

White Style 2014 was a complete success: “Apart from almost perfect riding conditions and a great on-site atmosphere, tonight I witnessed one of the best White Styles ever, since its premiere eight years ago. It was great to meet new faces here in Saalfelden Leogang, such as Nicholi Rogatkin, who has demonstrated tonight that he can ride amongst the mountain bike elite. But of course Antoine Bizet’s performance absolutely deserved to win White Style 2014”, commented event host Kornel Grundner from Bikepark Leogang.

Highlight Clip 2014

Mountain bikes in the snow

Since 2007, it attracts the best riders in the world to the "White Style", the annual end mountain bike contest at Leogang Schantei lift.

On 14th February 2014, the best course builders in the mountain bike scene built a masterpiece in white.

Once again, the northern hemisphere is freezing over as snow falls and our beloved bikes are tucked away in the warmth of our garages and basements. But for those not scared off by the winter temperatures, there is something to look forward to at the start of next year: it’s White Style time again in the holiday region of Saalfelden Leogang. The one-of-a-kind mountain bike spectacle on snow, held in February 2014 will once more kick off the European leg of the FMB World Tour. For the first time in 2014, the top riders will gather in Leogang to shred the White Style slopestyle course.

Slopestyle mountain biking during the wintertime?
Then Leogang’s White Style is the place to be! For riders and fans, this event is the light at the end of a dark winter tunnel and a welcome diversion from winter sports during the bike-free off-season. On Friday February 14th 2014, riders will be rolling in at the top of the massive course located at Leogang’s Schanteilift.For the second time since White Style 2013, this competition will be an official Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour (FMB World Tour) Silver event.Eager to get some early ranking points on the board and some post X-mas prize money with a purse of 5,000 Euro, world-class athletes will be packing their hats and scarfs and travelling to Leogang. The starting list is not yet finalized but more information about this will follow soon.

White Style is not only an opportunity to win FMB World Tour ranking points and a bit of cash. It is also a unique opportunity to throw down massive tricks on the huge kickers. The soft, yet unforgiving snow-made landings are ideal for sending the biggest, most technical tricks – this gets the riders pumped and puts on an incredible show for the spectators.

Don’t miss the action! Pull up your snug winter socks, put on your warm wooly gloves and head down to Leogang’s Schanteilift on February 14th 2014 from 4:30pm. Join us under the floodlights of the White Style course and be a part of this legendary event.

The participants - Freeride-elite on winter excursion!

Here is the full rider line-up for White Style 2014:

Name Country
Eric Walenta AUT
Jakub Vencl CZE
Xavier Pasamonte ESP
Antoine Bizet FRA
Mehdi Gani FRA
Thomas Lemoine FRA
Louis Reboul FRA
Steffen Graf GER
Peter Henke GER
Simon Kirchmann GER
Max Mey GER
Nico Scholze GER
Adrian Tell NOR
Szymon Godziek POL
Max Fredriksson SWE
Elof Lindh SWE
Anton Thelander SWE
Daryl Brown UK
Matt Jones UK
Nicholi Rogatkin USA

The beaming floodlights will light up the big jumps, made from snow. With 20 of the world’s most skilled mountain bike freeriders on site – the spectators and fans will make the surrounding mountains tremble in the wake of the action ahead. White Style, that’s right, the unique wintertime slopestyle event is taking place on February 14th. Leaving nothing more to be desired – the event is the perfect attraction for freeride-lovers during off-season.

The course build is ploughing ahead with master shaper, Markus Hampl and his crew. This handful of skilled builders are responsible for getting the massive course at Leogang’s Schanteilift dialed to perfection. Their goal: to give the riders as much airtime as possible.

So who is coming to shred some snow? Well, this year the rider line-up includes some of the scene’s topdogs. The French delegation will be sending four riders to the Salzburger Land, including 2012 Red Bull Rampage star, Antoine Bizet. Mehdi Gani, Thomas Lemoine and Louis Reboul will also be making the trip to Saalfelden Leogang. Closer to home, from Germany, Peter Henke, Simon Kirchmann, reigning FMB World Tour AM Champion Steffen Graf as well as young guns Max Mey and Nico Scholze will be attending White Style and the Austrian honor will be defended by Eric Walenta. High flyers, Daryl Brown and Matt Jones will be the hailing the British flag. Red Bull athletes Anton Thelander from Sweden and Szymon Godziek (POL) have also confirmed their attendance. Of course, last year’s runner up, Adrian Tell (NOR) will be bringing his Cashroll’s and front flip no-handers for another shot at victory. From across the pond we will see rookie and BMX-rider Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) in action.

After a practice day on Thursday, February 13th, qualifications will take place the following day on Friday at 4:30pm. The ten best riders will later enter the finals at 8:00pm on the same day. The riders will have two runs to impress the FMBA judges – the better one will count to the final score and hopefully put the athlete on the podium.

Yet, of course what is a season kick off without the appropriate celebrations! The after party will take place from 10:00pm in Leogang’s “Kralleralm”. Come along and meet the riders and celebrate the start of another action packed season!

Who is going to be the Snow Champion?

Once again, the northern hemisphere is freezing over as snow falls and our beloved bikes are tucked away in the warmth of our garages and basements. ...

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1. Antoine Bizet (FRA) 91.00
2. Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) 90.00
3. Anton Thelander (SWE) 89.00
4. Xavier Pasamonte ESP) 81.00
5. Mehdi Gani (FRA) 79.00
6. Peter Henke (GER) 74.33
7. Nico Scholze (GER) 73.33
8. Tomas Lemoine (FRA) 72.00



4.30 p.m.: Qualifikation

8.00 p.m.: Finals with awards ceremony starting

10.00 p.m.: After Contest Party @ Kralleralm


Entrance 5,- € per Person.

Children younger than 15 years are free!



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White Style – world class slopestyle mountain biking

“An amazing run kicked off with a 360 table and then flowed into a backflip no-hander, tailwhip and a huge backflip on to the ‘Monster Ship’, with another backflip down again (from 7 meters high!). The run was almost over but then on the last mega-booter he served us all with an astonishing double backflip!” You hardly understood anything, right? Well, in this case it’s high time to witness this extraordinary experience and don't worry - the technical terms will come on their own.

Saalfelden Leogang – already regarded by mountain bikers as the Eldorado of the scene. The bike park offers everything that the biker’s heart could possibly desire: downhill and freeride sections, single trails, a dirt jump park, a 4X course, a Jochen Schweizer bag jump, kids mini bike park, a professional bike school and so much more! And if you like heading out into the wild, there are many tracks and trails to be explored as well. That’s all very well in the summer, but what about the wintertime? This was the question bike park director Kornel Grundner asked himself: “When I saw the photos of our bike park shapers making jumps from snow in their spare time, just for fun, the idea came to mind – why not make a professional competition?! This would be a great way to shorten the long winter break in the heart of the Alps.” The concept has been a super success and the elite rider line up has been amazing spectators ever since. Of course we are talking about White Style a fully snow manufactured mountain bike slopestyle event. This year, White Style is taking place on 14th February 2014 already the 9th time.

The Giant Masterpiece

From early January the most skilled course shapers and designers start the creative process of constructing the gigantic snow made course at Leogang’s Schantei lift. Every year, hundreds of tons of snow are moved onto the slope, diggers, snowmobiles and chainsaws are then used to create the masterpiece. The end result is a breathtaking course, incorporating big air jumps and unique features, all of which test the skills of the mountain bike professionals. Sam Pilgrim (winner of 2010 and 2011) once said: “I hope we won’t die on this sickness!” And indeed the dimensions were huge with gaps around 10 to 15 meters, sending the riders more than 7 meters high.

White Style progression

Since the first contest in 2006, the world's best riders eagerly await the annual opportunity to compete at White Style. Niki Leitner from Vienna has the honor of being the first ever winner - riding to glory after performing a legendary superman seat grab. The successful contest and huge media response ensured that White Style is now a permanent fixture on the MTB event calendar. For the first time in 2013, White Style became an official stop on the FMB World Tour – it's Silver level status now entices athletes with the chance to win the first ranking points of the season. The progression of the contest would not be possible without the dedicated efforts of the creative course building team. Renowned shapers and designers, headed by British pro Grant “Chopper” Fielder and Austrian master, Markus Hampl have both led the building teams throughout the years. Their designs and ability to build jaw dropping obstacles is a large part of why White Style has become the icon it is today.

Nighttime stardom

The special thing about White Style is not only the course and the snow. It is also one of the few mountain bike contests where the finals take place in the evening under a magical floodlight atmosphere. The tension is buzzing all around the Schantei lift as riders from all over the world demonstrate for the first time, what new tricks they have developed during their winter trainings. For this reason, White Style has been established as a showcase event, indicating the development of the sport for the upcoming season. The progression has been so extensive that tricks, which used to put athletes on the podium, are now thrown down during qualifications. Notoriously, British rider Sam Reynolds took the title in 2012 with a double backflip - the only one who dared to execute such a trick. You simply never know what to expect – but if you want to witness it for yourself then come to Saalfelden Leogang on 14th February 2014.

White Style